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Andreas Breitschopp is a developer of education software and developer tools. The current developer portfolio contains 15 programs. The most popular software is Meteor by Andreas Breitschopp with 16 installations on Windows PC.

Leopoldstra, M, 80802, Deutschland
General phone:
+49 89 38898588
+49 89 38898589
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Best software by Andreas Breitschopp

Meteor by Andreas Breitschopp
An addictive breakout action game! You just have to try this game.
Piano Chords
Handy and free virtual piano application.
Download Speed Test
Download Speed Test will measure your Internet connection┬┤s downloading speed.

Popular programs by Andreas Breitschopp

Resource Database Editor
Resource Database Editor - build EXE file independent resource files.
YouTube Video Viewer
Desktop YouTube viewer for Windows.
Energy Saving
It allows recording the consumption of electricity, water, gas and heating oil.
Reduce Car Costs
Save money by always having your car costs under control with this program.
Search Backups
Manage your CD/DVD inventory as well as backup copies of your data and documents.

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